Me and Regina spent some Mother Daughter time today. We went to Disneyland. Yeah, I know, disneyland is the happyest place on earth, but how happy can you be it you have to wait 25 minutes for one ride, and another 25 for another , and 25 for another and so on… Of course whe it was our time to take the ride , Feeling was great, but still- waiting in 90 degree heat. Regina was more exited about going to gift shops lol And The most exiting experiense for me was when we finally left the Happiest Place on Earth. ;lol

We go back next week but then we visit California Adventure. We both have annual passes and they expire on oct 10th. We still have some time left before we go back to Memphis. I just hope that weather cools down a bit .


One thought on “Disneyland.

  1. lennuk ütles:

    Minu rekordaeg atraktsioonijärjekorras oodates on olnud 2 tundi ja 45 min. See oli Magic Mountain’is oodates Batmani sõitu. Ja siis paar minutit seda väikest lõbu. Sõit oli küll viimase peale, aga mis meid nii kaua küll seal järjekorras kinni pidadas, ei oska öelda… Oli see kannatus? Kange tahtmine? Igavus? Enese proovile panek?

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