You know what sucks???

It sucks that I finally got back on track with dieting and yesterday I JUST HAD to bake chocolate browny cake and eat it with Regina. I could not stop eating it. It was my first time to do cake such that.
What I did was-
1 triple chocolate something browny mix
homemade chocolate sauce( not very runny)

I baked the browny
I cut it to 4 even pieces when they were still warm
I evened it out.
Moistened warm pieces of browni with chocolate milk
Smeared chocolate sauce over first layer
topped with second piece,
cut a little well in the center of piece 2.
Poured chocolate sauce in it.
Topped with third browni piece
added more chocolate sauce and in the end added last piece and poured chocolate sauce all over the cake.
While it was still warm I cut it to 2 pieces- one for Regina and one for me, and we ate it all. It was SOOOOO GOOOD. Gooey, and warm and crunchy and the best piece of chocolate cake I had it for a long time. I was sooooo pleased how it came out. But after I felt so sick to my stomacki wanted to throw up. Tums took care of that feeling.
My problem Is that I can not stop eating after 3 bites. If I like it a lot, I will eat it until I am so full I can hardly move. So today I have tried to do little better with my eating and so far so good. It is 9.20 pm now , so I really don’t think that I will be baking another cake today. But wish me luck staying fit and well rest of the week.



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