I think I prefer cheese.

Forget about Prozac- Cheese does much better job. OH. After Long and stresful day, I thought I better get my lazy oversized buns to Vons- which I did. I got myself some apple tree smoked cheddar, smoked havarty, and bottle of Worst girl wine ever- I just felt like drinking Girl wine today. I got Myself ARBON MIST Sangria. haha. I tell ya’, this wine tastes like mixed berry juice and is horrible with cheese. OH , I almost forgot to tell you- I also bought 6 dollar piece of pate( made with pork meat). I LOVE PATE( pasteet in estonian). It is soo good. BUT I made a huge mistake. Pate looks like cat food- and smells like one, not sure about the taste, BUT, I left it on the coffe table for couple of minutes , while I did my evening routine. MY little evil kitty thought my snack looks and smells delicious- just imagine how would it taste -AND HE ATE IT. HE IS BAD. BAD KITTY.!!!

But oh well, I still got my sugar filled sweet wine and cheese. Kids are sleeping , cat is messing with my toes and What am i doing- I am watching Unauthorized story of… and just sitting…..


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