Just a thought…

Have you noticed how much Brad and Angelina there is everywhere. I turn on tv- BRAD, I open newspaper,- ANGELINA, turn on radion- BRAD and ANGELINA. What is wrong with this universe. Brad, Tom, ANgelina and Katie have taken over our world?? Can I blame it on Bush? 😉

Everybody is suspecting those 2 are having affairs( brad and angi). That would be interesting . BUT I think Angelina is having an a little relationship with Jennifer Aniston. YEP. While ago Angelina was bragging about her bi sexuality. ANd well, Jennifer kissed girls couple of times while doing FRIENDS, so it is not that unreal lol So what if now they finally hooked up and are living out theyr fantasies?? OMG I NEVER ever go to grossery store again and read those wacky thabloid magasines again. All I get is those thoughts that turn into something horrid- like ANgelina and Jennifer making out. That is a guys fantasy, NOT MINE. But it’d be pretty extreme and ridiculos same time. hahh.. So gusy, are you thinking now what I was thinking earlier??? But what was I thinking about thinking these thought anyway??/ Oh , I confuse myself now.


8 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. Anonymous ütleb:

    Yes, in answer to your question, you definitely can blame Bush. I always do!
    Carol 🙂

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütleb:

    It is nice to blame somebody else… lol

  3. lennuk ütleb:

    Not just Angelina and Brad are in the news, but Michael Jackson too! Can’t wait to hear the jury’s decision!
    And guess what! I want him nailed!

  4. Anonymous ütleb:

    Angelina and Brad….and Tom and Katie…and who cares??? I can’t find anything to read in People Magazine anymore. As for Michael Jackson, does anyone remember when he looked normal and sang good? I don’t think he’s necessarily guilty–I think he’s very stupid and doesn’t seem to know the difference between an adult and a kid. He needs a lot of therapy. And I think he needs someone to smack him in the face and say “Grow up already!!”
    Carol 😦

  5. Sleeping Beauty ütleb:

    You are so right Carol. Somebody needs to get down to his level and give him some time out in the corner is some mental institution for mentally disturbed boy in a white mans body.

    BTW- I went to see Mr and Mrs Smith today. It was pretty good movie. Fun to watch but very predictable.

  6. lennuk ütleb:

    Are you kidding me? Michael Jackson not quilty?
    Hot milk and cookies are charming in his bedroom!
    I love this drama! How many times he have been in emergency room? Hydration, back pain…….. Bäh!
    Donna Annal hakkas halb! (Don Juan Tallinnas) Muideks, mul on see film. Filmiõhtu?

  7. Sleeping Beauty ütleb:

    You know what is scary?? We do cookies and warm milk once in a while in our bedroom and Jackson does it, my kids jump on beds and sit on daddys lap- Mr jackson lets Kids sit on his lap….. But diferense is he is not theyr dad. He is just creepy old man who is not allowed to love ANYBODY. As far as dehydration and back pains go- in his condition it is easy to get dehydrated and back pains can kill . I am not defending him I am not against him. I am like Carol- I want him to get some help. Jail will not help him,

  8. lennuk ütleb:

    I am just so tired of all these celeberties getting away with stuff. (O.J., Blake, Rider, etc.)
    Quilty or not, I just wish for some drama!

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