OMG OMG OMG. I was running to upstairs when I suddenly heard and felt little shaking. I thought helicopter was making rounds and was to close to our house, but then I looked at out lightning fixtures and the were noticably moving. THERE was 5,6 eartquake is Palms springs area and but the side impact was felt from Los Angeles to San Diego,
WHen shaking started I thought I am going to pass out, , but whole shaking lasted about 5-10 seconds . I managed to yell out loud to kids GET UNDER THE TABLE. I was sooo scared, I still am.

Hey you Californians- Did you feel it also???


2 thoughts on “OMG EARTHQUAKE

  1. Kathy ütles:

    Oh, most definitely we felt it.

    We were getting ready for church. Kids were freaked out this time, seems like most of the others happened when they were asleep.

    And I always panic. I screamed and it woked Doug up, otherwise I bet he wouldn’t have noticed.

  2. lennuk ütles:

    I did not feel it!

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