SLOW day.

I don’t know what is wrong, I really don’t know. Everything seems moving in slow motion. I want to start doing something but instead, I just sit on my rocking chair and do nothing. Weather really, really sucks. I thought OC was supposed to be sunshine county, but now I’d call it deep dark dump . It is windy, wet, cold, dark, foggy, weird, and cold one more time. All this sucky weather makes my old, 27 year old bones hurt. And people look meaner and nobody is smiling or asking how are you Doin’??? Is everybody worried about what will happen in this grazy messed up world next? Ah, happens what happens- but if I could choose what would happen then I would choose sunshine 24/7 for next PMS period, which lasts about until Christmas. 🙂

I was watching this weird messed up reality show “Beauty and the Geek”. I really don’t understand why those girls were called Beauties? If you don’t have “brain” it does not make you beauty, you know. Go home and put more make up on , maybe then I concider calling you beauty.
Oh, I am so bitter today and probably will be tomorrow, and I was yesterday. lol But really, I just talk about things that bother me. There are lots and lots of happy events, thoughts people I would like to share with you, but beauty does not attract that many people. Everybody wants to see and read about the dirty laundry and see if there are some undiscovered sceletons in my closet. Oh, of course there are- my life is one big mysteri and I am just starting to rediscover myself- reinvent myself- rejuvenite…lol ok, ok, I went little overboard here. Let’s just say- I am finally starting to figure out why I am here and what is my mission. But I am not telling you…. Do you have any idea people who YOU are and why you are the way you are and do the things you do ???


8 thoughts on “SLOW day.

  1. Maarika ĂŒtles:

    mulle meeldib sinu blogi lugeda hommikuti, nigu vĂ”taks ajalehe kĂ€tte ja tassi kohvi kĂ”rvale ja lobiseks…
    tĂ€na just muide mĂ”tlesin samu mĂ”tteid, mul tulevad ka sellised globaalsed asjad pĂ€he sis kui on pingeline periood, kes ma olen, miks ma olen, mille/kelle jaoks jne jne…
    Üks on kindle, et lapsed on need kelle pĂ€rast elada tasub. Kui ma kunagi, see oli vist meremĂ€e kooli aegadel (OMG kui ammu see oli…kle jĂ€rgmine aasta saab 10 a lĂ”petamisest), arvasin, et ei mina iial lapsi taha… siis eks elu Ă”petab siiski pĂ”hivÀÀrtusi, milleks me siin ilmas oleme… Nii et Ă€ra iial ĂŒtle iial, kĂ”lab kĂŒll kui vĂ€ga kulunud trahvaretne lause, aga peab siiani paika.

  2. Sleeping Beauty ĂŒtles:

    Oh jah, meremae kooli aegadel olid sa esimene kes endale kunagi lapsi ei tahtnud saada. Ja millegi parast ei lahe mul meelest Leping sinu ja Elini vahel mis sai seotud ja alla kirjutatud Meremae raamatukogus- abielu teemadel 😉

  3. Maarika ĂŒtles:

    hi hi hi huvitav mis raamatu vahel see parasjagu on!!! Ma mĂ€letan et me midagi sellist tegime, aga mis asi see tĂ€pselt oli seda ma enam ei mĂ€leta. Midagi seostub 25 eluaasta ja rooside ja lstega… Kas sa mĂ€letad???

  4. La Bona ĂŒtles:

    A divine forum where laws, standards, values and code of ethic on morality, lifestyle, business and just about anything else related to our life will be published, discussed and eventually endorsed by God and His Children to be observed as the way of life.

    Hooray … God finally go online!
    – a very very excited faithful –

    Faitfully yours,
    La Bona
    Divine Representative
    Chapter Planet Earth

  5. Sleeping Beauty ĂŒtles:

    Et kui yks teist esimesena abiellub enne 25, siis teine pidi vist 25 roosi kingiks tooma, voi midagi sihukest. Noh, kas said siis Elinilt 25 tulipunast roosi??

  6. Maarika ĂŒtles:

    ei saanud, pean talle vist meelde tuletama:-))) mina ju tegin selle tĂŒki Ă€ra enne 25-te.

  7. Kathy ĂŒtles:

    Is La Bona a friend of yours?

    You travel in interesting circles…

  8. Sleeping Beauty ĂŒtles:

    I don’t know who is La bona. No idea

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