This is how mu morning started today. I still don’t have my car and I have to drive that mitchubishi thing. Things have been real slow with my car , REAL slow. I was told that I may have my car by friday( that past friday). But nothing. So today I called them and asked WHAT’s up? THE problem is, the part that was supposed to come in on last wednesday did not come in. They have to order some parts from Germany and that is wht takes so much time. They still don’t have that part and because of that they even can not work on my car, but to make me feel better, he told me that there was another ML that was waiting for the same part( huuuge front piece that has to be welted( or whatever it is called when you attach something with that hot thing) on. So now we are waiting and waiting and waiting and I am about finished with waiting bit longer. I WANT MY OWN CAR BACK that has navigation system and parking sensor and music that tunes itself louder when there is too much noise in the car and I want those horsepowers back and I want to start polluting USA again. DAMN, is it too much to ask. ???? lol

But I do have to mention- one thing that I like about my rental mitchubishi is that it does not take much gaslin. I tank once in 2 weeks and I am done. with my ML I had to tank twice a week because it ate toooo much gaslin and only wanted the best one V Pover from shell. lol

OK. Now all of you just wait with me.


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