I’m such a dork….;)


5 thoughts on “

  1. lennuk ütles:

    i love this photo of you. when it is taken?

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    4 days ago in my house 🙂 Author- Me, Edtiting – Me. Lol

  3. Anonymous ütles:

    What a lovely picture–it looks so early 20th century–I have photos of my grandparents that have that same look to them. It looks like you went back in time.
    I love reading your movie reviews, but I must know…have you seen any movie recently that you didn’t like? Did you take the kids to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? It looks kind of sinister to me. I’m a big fan of the old Willie Wonka movie and I’m debating if I should see this new one.

  4. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    Thanks Carol 🙂 I love playing around with pictures and creating something photo collages and digital scrapbooking pages. 🙂

    Charlie movie was ok. I have not seen the original one yet, it is on my netflix list and should come next week, but this one was ok. It was really weird movie and full of pointless jokes. I think Johny depp was not the best actor to play willis part.

  5. Anonymous ütles:

    I’ve read that Johnny Depp in the movie reminds many people of Michael Jackson!
    Carol 🙂

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