Tomatos, cookies and more…

Today started 9am for us. My kids and I attended one of Gabes classmates B day at Scooters Jungle. 2 hours of bouncing, sliding and dougnuts we were ready to get back home. cakes and doughnuts on saturday mornings can be fatal for your nice diet routine. For an exapmple- today I had one doughnut, one rye bagel with low fat cream cheese, one slice of Birthday cake, 6 medium chocolate chip cookies, 1 gallon of water, one starbucs non fat caramel frapuccino, 9 grapetomatoes, one midium cucumber, 1 smoked polish sausage, 1 cosmopolitan, 10 pieces of shewing gum, one lollipop,1/3 slice of pizza, 3 pieces of gabriels macaroni and 1 cup of coffee, because I just had to drink it and then I was jittery all day long. THIS is my todays menu. I never, ever ever ever eat that much during the day- I meant that many sweets. Horrible, if you don’t call that PMS then what?? Again, I made myself promise I will not eat any real sugar tomorrow, but I don’t think I will follow through- I still have 6 chocolate chip cookies with fudge filling.

ONLY healty part about my day was my own garden grown tomatoes and cucumbers with white vinegar dressing ( Yep, for 3 weeks now I have been eating our own fresh veggies. 🙂
So please guys, send me some sugar free vibes here. I really need them now more than ever, if I don’t stop eating today, then tomorrow will be even worse day. 😉 I have to find some extra busy activities to do tomorrow so I will not think about all the good sweet treats out in thise wild world. 🙂

Good night sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite…….
Always your, sugarfilled extra hyper Diana.

One thought on “Tomatos, cookies and more…

  1. lennuk ütles:

    sweet times here too… it should be better tommorow!
    no more suggaaarrr!

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