MRI- update.

Last thursday I had sholder MRI that was such a horrible experiense. I was told I have to be extra careful and extra still because it is harder to get good sholder MRI’s. So there I was lying on table- still and panicking. But I managed to keep it still and for 30 minutes I think I stopped breathing.

Results are in and they are not what I wanted to hear. There is lot of swelling going on beetween the bone joints- which is ok. BUT there are also few( or a lot) of tiny cysts that should not be there- but they are , and I’m about to panic because I have no idea why I have them there or what kind of cysts are they.
Tomorrow I will call to orthopedic surgen and discuss our next step.
This injury is not because of car accident I had on may 23d, it is just one of those grazy coincidents that happen to people like us.

I hate mondays, usually when something bad happens on Monday, then bad luck will follow rest of the week.


4 thoughts on “MRI- update.

  1. lennuk ütles:

    oh, shoot! you just don’t need another thing!!!!!!!!
    cyst, cyst – go away!
    you are in my thought…..

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    I just hope it is one of those weird sports injuries- I heard this kind of injuries are commom on people who play sports, are physicaly active, lift weights- you know, use hands and sholders a lot. I just hope that I don’t need surgery and meds will take care of my pain( 800 mg of mortrin 3 times a day is not working). I made apointment to see dr Tom Thomas( wha a name), on july 27th.

  3. lennuk ütles:

    let us know….

  4. Anonymous ütles:

    Marie says:
    I agree just what you DON’T need. You are in my thoughts!!! I’ll bet it has to do with your weight lifting and stuff and from general over use, heck your are a mom we’re all over “used” ha ha. Maybe some injections will settle the inflamation down for now at least. Wishing you good vibes!!!!

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