Still pretty hot and uncomfy…

yes, I tryed to save some energy and not keep my AC on all day , but it was very bad idea. fans just did not do its work. It got way to hot and Around noon I hade to turn AC back again. I am not looking forward receiving our electricity bill this month. I guess it will be around 400 dollars.

But now to a different topic. Why is it that I have such a hard time making new friends or maintaining relationships with people? I know I am not very outgoing when It comes to aproaching people and talking to them but still. Lot of the times I am just to scared to make a first step because of my poor English. But when I do make that first step then I get treated like everybody hase to educate me about life in USa, and the rules and the tricks and treats.
I have been since june 1st, 1998, and have learned every single thing about culture and people, and how to get things done, and how to pay bills and how to smile even when you feel like showing your tongue or jumping into someones throat because what they say just makes no sence.

Both of my kids go to daycare but I really don’t know any of the parents. There are couple of them out of about 50 parents I communicate, but that is it( about 25 in gabes class and 25 in Reginas). And when I start conversation with someone I feel like lunatic because I have nothing in common with them, and all I hear Is blah, blah blah, blah blah. Do I sound to rude now??? I think I just make wrong choises making friends. Let me give you one very rude example. Mom stays home, has cleaning lady come 3 times a week, gardener twice a week, get food catered every nigh, have personal stylists, interior designesr,all the laundry gets washed by somebody else etc. yes, I am stay at home mom now, but I do all the stuff that comes with being SAHM. You know what I mean???
And more I meet people like this more frustrated I get because I want somebody in my league, but in this area where I live it gets harder and harder to find people with whom I really click.

I guess I just live in wrong area……

This is my bitter post of the month….


2 thoughts on “Still pretty hot and uncomfy…

  1. lennuk ütles:

    my comment about moms at school…..
    i am picking up helen at 12 pm and there is just one mom and one dad picking up their kids at same time as me. and this mom… i see her every day!!! if i would not say HI, she would not even notice me. it is like i am nobody. i don’t like that feeling… hm???
    i wish you would live closer!

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    We have moms like that too, even if I smile or say Hi, they look at me like I’m from mars….

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