I should be cruising around and spending gas up to storm, but instead I am still without my #ucking car.
Last night when i went to pick it up, I suddenly got a call from “Horhe”. ” Mrs Tan, I belive I have some disturbing news. Your car is not ready. The seatbelt we ordered came in wrong, and it does not fit your car. “
OK, so I asked, when do you think it will finally be right? He sayd they ordered another one and it should come in around 5.30 pm. So 5.40 pm I got a call and he tells me that Mercedes sent in again wrong belt. SO I am still stuck to this fuckin beige mitch. UGH. I was sooo looking forward driving to airport on monday and pick my dh up from there. Now I am not going anywhere, because I don’t want to drive to LA without navigation system. I am so bummed.
So today I went to Enterprise and extended rental. Of course I missed 30 day mark and showed up on day 41, but they were really nice about it and did not punish me for that. Punishment came when they charged my credit card for 1300 dollars. No big deal, I just bill to Farmers and get money reinbursed. OH. I am mad, but remain calm because i just don’t know how really mad person should behave.

So there you go, I’m mad and you can do nothing about to calm me down. I think I eat some phish food now.


6 thoughts on “THIS IS WRONG, VERY WRONG…

  1. Kathy ütles:

    Phish Phood fixes everything. Go for it 🙂

  2. lennuk ütles:

    you should call mercedes dealer and ….
    that’s what i’m telling lately – service is getting worse and worse!
    “customer” is king! – isn’t it????

  3. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    yes, service is getting worse everywhere, people seem not to care anymore. I think they spent their vacation in Estonia……
    Phish food is good- takes care of all my cravings. I also made apple rhrubarb crisp today. It was so refreshing and yummmmm. Then I decided that it is wrong that I am the only one who cleans the house. I gave kids damp washcloths and made them wash all the moldings ( close to floor). They were more than happy to help me. 🙂

  4. lennuk ütles:

    Yeah, damp papertowel for cleaning can keep them busy for a long time. I have experience with that…
    The other thing to give kids some entertainment is to hand them body lotion. Lay on the floor and let them lotion and massage your back…

  5. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    I wish I could do that. I get bad allergic reactions to most of the body lotions and massage gels. Only ones I can use are prescription ones from dermatologist. Maybe I should let them body paint me?????

  6. lennuk ütles:

    ohoo, that sounds really exciting… (for kids).
    have not tryed that before.
    lay in the bathroom on the old towel, give bathpaints (they have them in the store) for kids and I bet kids will have fun for an hour, or 20 min, only 5 min????

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