Oh so mad.

Today was one of those days I felt really creative. Like really, really , really creative. I played quitar, I wrote couple of silly love songs AND I worked 3 hours working on my photoshop project. After i was finally happy with outcome I decided to save my breautiful ( the best graphic project yet) layout containing layers, specieal effects, words, sunshine, fire – everything that I had worked out in my head, and I finally got time to create it. And then BOOOOOM. My computer crashed. IT CRASHED while I was saving my project. Oh, I was mad, I was so mad I made myself hot chocolate with whipped cream and I drank 3 glasses. That how mad I was.!!!!!! I would create this project probably now withing 30 minutes, but I am just so freekin’ mad that it happened. Now I just drink my wild strawberry coctail and curse out loud. ( PSS kids are in bed).

Until next time…

Just a thought.

This is one of those weird random thoughts that just came to me while I was Medicine shopping.
I passed the isle where pregnancy tests are on. I just stepped and checked what is new. Then I remembered when I was pregnant with Regina I took a test that had + and- on. – Not pregnant and+ Pregnant. Well, these days you can have plusse s, and minuses, and stripes and circles and NOT PREGNANT, PREGNANT etc. WOuld it be funny if one day you take a pregnancy test and suddenly ROBOTIC voice sayes-YOU ARE PREGNANT, or YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT, TRY AGAIN. LOL. I’d just take pregnancy tests to hear that voice. lol Or then there would be pregnancy tests that also tetermine DNA( if dad is who you think it should be). Now , that is a thought………..

I swear..

… I am not a bad person. Just evil- sometimes. heh. Anyway, what I want to say is that sometimes, when we went out to party and I really did not feel like chatting or dancing with some so called “dude”, I pretended that I did not speak Estonian. Well, I know what I did was really wrong, but it saved me many many times from ” trouble”. ( In Southern Estonia( almost country side), lot of people still don’t speak english , and it is easy to spot those people. I meant nothing bad by not dancing with them, but if you saw the awsome moves they had on dance floor, you all wish you never saw those moves. I SWEAR THEY WERE THAT BAD!!! I still carry couple of mental pics with me…… I need therapy- fast.

Couple of times when I went out with my sister, people often asked who am I , am i her friend. People who knew us of course they knew that we are sisters. BUT drunk people, who did not know us, did not know that we are sisters, I told them a little lie. I AM SIJAS MOTHER!!! lol Belive me, it was hilarious to see those drunk reactions. Some of them went back to bar to buy new drink , because they thought they are allready hallusinating, and maybe one more drink will help them calm down, then couple of guys sayed that IT IS possible to drink people young and beautiful ( not sure how to take that comment- lol). But yeah, I had fun, and hopefully have fun next time when I go back and time after that…..

My grandmas sister – she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided not to get treatments for her deadly disease. We wish her all the best and lots of strenght to fight for her life. 🙂