here I am

OK. I got new replacement car and this time I purchased insurance JUST IN CASE. This time it is small and brand new chevy. I am not completely happy with it since it is slow and it is american. But It is ok. At least I can move around and do what I want to do.:) Things are going ok around here. I saw lot of relatives and did some shopping. I ate lot of smoked pork with rind attached to it, smoked chicken and the best Ice creams in whole wide world. We celebrated sijas 23’d birthday and ate and ate and ate and ate. ( potato salads, crabmeat salads, cheese snacks, grilled sausages with cheese in them, garden salads, cakes–and of course lot of alcohol were present, but I decided to play smart this time. I did not have a single drink.
I still have 5 days left so I see what else I can do or see here that I have not had a chance to do or see these past years.


One thought on “here I am

  1. lennuk ütles:

    hei, diana! have wonerful rest of the trip! can’t wait to see photos and hear stories!
    all the best!

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