Just a thought.

This is one of those weird random thoughts that just came to me while I was Medicine shopping.
I passed the isle where pregnancy tests are on. I just stepped and checked what is new. Then I remembered when I was pregnant with Regina I took a test that had + and- on. – Not pregnant and+ Pregnant. Well, these days you can have plusse s, and minuses, and stripes and circles and NOT PREGNANT, PREGNANT etc. WOuld it be funny if one day you take a pregnancy test and suddenly ROBOTIC voice sayes-YOU ARE PREGNANT, or YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT, TRY AGAIN. LOL. I’d just take pregnancy tests to hear that voice. lol Or then there would be pregnancy tests that also tetermine DNA( if dad is who you think it should be). Now , that is a thought………..


2 thoughts on “Just a thought.

  1. Kathy ütles:

    I never bothered with the home tests. The home test cost more than dropping off a urine sample with the doctor.

    My ob/gyn had a restroom right in the waiting room, the door opened out.

    A very pregnant woman came in with a 2-year old. She went into the bathroom to pee in a cup. The 2-year old was playing so she left him in the waiting room.

    The 2-year old got up about a minute after the bathroom door shut and said, mommy, mommy and opened the bathroom door wide and there was this poor woman with the huge stomach trying to pee in the cup.

    I closed the door as quickly as I could, since I could move much more quickly than she could.

    Too funny.

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    lolololol. I guess you still have that image stuck to your head after all these years…..

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