PMS is kicking in…

yeah, tell me about it. TOmorrow early morning 5 am , taxi will pick us up and take us to OC airport. Our flight is around 7 am. Then we have to change planes and we only have 30 minutes to do so. I am so mad at St Jude travel office this time. ARE THEY GRAZY??? THEy give me and regina only 30 minutes to run from one end of airport to other. And airtraffic these days is horrible always late, always delayed. WTF. If we miss our flight tomorrow then it is not our fault. We’ll be in St Jude around 2pm. ANd then we have nothing to do until 7.45 am on 6th of Sept.

I feel like I am flying to Vegas. It is all about cambling . You insert the coin and you eather win or loose. In Vegas I usually loose…..But that is ok. It is just a money…

But we are talking about My daughter here- we have to get the best news possible WE HAVE TO…., we hope to win . Good news for me is winning. And clean scans, no more damage to her hearing, good P/T check up apointment- those good news will make my next 3 months the happiest ever. 🙂

Talk to you later.


7 thoughts on “PMS is kicking in…

  1. Kathy ĂŒtles:

    Oh come on. 30 minutes is a piece of cake.

    20 minutes or less, now that’s a challenge.

    It’s all about living strong.

    You know Regina is always in our prayers, no matter how mean we sound…

  2. lennuk ĂŒtles:

    You can make it, you will make it! To the next plane!
    Good Lady Luck for you girls in Memphis!
    You are always in my mind…. (singing it in Bryan Adams’ voice)

    I keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Anonymous ĂŒtles:

    Lots of love and prayers. You’re both the strongest people ever. Here’s to healthy scans always!

    Jackie from Chicago

  4. Anonymous ĂŒtles:

    You, and especially Regina, are in my thoughts and prayers. CLEAN SCANS, CLEAN SCANS, CLEAN SCANS!!!! (I would love to see a video of you and Regina running through the airport.)
    XXXX Carol XXXXX

  5. Sleeping Beauty ĂŒtles:

    We made it to Memphis. WOhooo. Of course shuttle driver was 20 minutes late( you know Kathy, the one you “Love” so much). Now we are in Grizzlies house.
    I called one of the St Jude doctors on call today. REginas cough got really bad on airplane. She coughed nonstop. They gave her some robitussin, and tomorrow they have to examine her carefully, before puting her under anestesia. 😩

  6. lennuk ĂŒtles:

    All the best for tommorow!!!!

  7. Kathy ĂŒtles:

    Hopefully our shuttle-driving friend didn’t try to put 13 people with luggage into the van all at the same time.

    I hope Regina is better tomorrow so that all is a go with the MRI.

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