I like myself in mornings, because my tummy is nice and flat. Around 5 pm my tuumy starts growing and 9 AM looks like I am about to give birth…. I have to do some serious abwork..


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  1. Kathy ütles:


    Must be halloween on the way.

  2. Anonymous ütles:

    I just got done reading Reginas great news! We sure hope she gets to feeling better! What a great picture of her and Dr.G. I am so proud of her for going through her MRI without sedation and not feeling well. WOW! Memphis always seems to feed me well to. Must be the stress. I feel so bloated and I feel like I gain like 20lbs in the few days we are there. Oh well, Take care and We will check in with you soon!

  3. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    Yes Kathy, Halloween in almost here:) Last year we were trick or treating in St Jude. This year we will be carving pumpkins and bothering our neighbors. ;0()
    Melissa- I don’t know what it is about memphis, but it does make me very hungry and bloated. And when I want to get water from vending mashine, it always gives me Mountan Dew or Pepsi. lol I guess it is ok to eat in Memphis- those calories really don’t count.

  4. Kathy ütles:

    Speaking of Memphis, I just found a place that sells the perfect thing for those trips to the south.

    You’ll be the hit of the patio crowd with these.

  5. lennuk ütles:

    🙂 “these” are funny!!!
    kathy, how do you do links in the comments????

  6. Kathy ütles:

    You have to use some HTML code. To do a link, you do this:

    <a href=”http://myurl.com”>Some text<a>

    where “myurl.com” is where you want to link to and “some text” is what you want the link text.

  7. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    Oh, Thanks Kathy. I LOVE THOSE!! I think I’m going to get one set made for next time. So cool. lololololololol

  8. lennuk ütles:

    thanks, kathy!

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