back home…

If you have not read Reginas St jude adventures yet, then please go there and you get the Idea what is going on . 🙂

OH, I’m so tired but I can not fall asleep. I’m stuffed with food but I’m still hungry. I have been stuffin myself since monday- ribs, chicken, pork, coke, pork rinds, diet coke, diet pepsi, fanta, more pork, bread, candy, hamburger buns with bbq sauce etc. Hunger is horrible feeling. It gives me nightmares. I dream about pigs roasting on a open fire and some dude from germany is making sure meat is ready. Then I had a dream about me moving to mars, because there is more space for me and I don’t have to pay money to shop. What was that dream all about??? And then I had dream about me getting sick and when I woke up this past morning I was sick- I think Regina ” borrowed” her germs , so I could get a clue how bad she really is feeling. And When I am sick I am usually hungry, and when I am sick, I can not taste food. Food has no taste whatsoever and then I keep eating and eating, hoping to taste something finally. And then I finally get it- DUH, I can not taste the food, why do I keep eating things if nothing tastes at all. I’m confusing myself again.

Today I really, really had to go to restroom, but phone rang and Instead heading to restroom I picked up the phone and started talking. After 5 minutes of chitchat I decided to quit the conversation because I had to pick up Gabe from school. BUT there I was standing , in the middle of my family room, thinking, what did I forget to do? I thought and thought and thought and I forgot. I carried Regina to car, sat on my comfy drivers seat and started driving- AND THEN IT HIT ME!!!!!! I NEED TO PEEEEEEEE…. How could I forget such and important thing????

Oh- I forgot to add. I had hot Thera Flu( powder+hot water= buzzzzzzz) I feel like I’m drunk AND hungry now.


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