credit card fraud

I got my credit card bill today. Nothing unusual about that, we get it monthly. ;lol But what was unusually weird was one statement- Natural beauty, Memphis Tn, – 104.28. It was chardged on 28th of August( I was nowhere near to memphis). When my dh called credit company , he was told that it was phoned in order. Not from me, I have no Idea what is natural beauty, and I have no Idea what it sells. So after little chit chat with Chase- they will remove that 104.28 from our card, cancer our old card and issue us new cards. Freeky, huh? SO all of you out there check your monthly bills carefully- we have auto payments set up, but after this we cancelled auto pay. i think if my bill was more that 400 dollars I would not have noticed it, but since I knew that I have not shopped much during that past month something just smelled stinky.

So people, fess up? Who used my creditcard number to purchase some “NAtural beauty???


2 thoughts on “credit card fraud

  1. lennuk ütles:

    We have had some ugly stuff too.
    Couple of years ago sombody purchased from Stapels for about $1400. It took place in New Jersey.
    We did not need to pay for it!
    There was anothe wierd charge on our credit card about year ago. Got that removed too…
    I try to pay with credit cards instead of bank card. If somebody will fraud my credit card – I think it is easyer to deal with credit than cash!
    I use online banking (Bank of America) and happy with it. Don’t get paper bills any more. Happy about that.

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    THAT is a huge sum of money. This credit card talk reminds me those funny commercials( I think Capital one ones).

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