Lets Drink some wine…

On Saturday night I packed my suitcase( kids suitcase) AND headed to North Hollywood to wine tasting party. It was fun night with great wines and good friends. Since my dh is not home I took Regina and Gabe with me and we spent the night there. This time 12 chicks showed up( 11 estonians and one finnish girl). And we sampled 7 bottles of different kinds of red wines. We had French wine( ( got last place and price for wine was about 28 dollars), 2 dollar bottle from Trader Joes , home made wine from Finland and others were all Ca wines.

This time wines tasted a lot alike. I thought maybe I will find my new favorite wine,but I really did not. Maybe next time. Around 10.30 some of the people left and those who stayed over night put on their PJs and party continued.Leila got really tired and started looking for comfy place to rest. First she tried fireplace- nah, then she sat on a comfy chair and dozed off.
And the winners are…..Merike, Reet,Maarika, Elsi ja Helena. 🙂

Next time we will taste White wines.


3 thoughts on “Lets Drink some wine…

  1. lennuk ĂŒtles:

    Isn’t this me dozzing off on the armchair next cover photo?
    I love this photo, it is very funny! 🙂

    I am not big red vine fan. But it was fun to taste all these vines.
    I am wondering… do I have bad or cheap taste as I liked the most this 2 dollar Trader Joes vine???? Or I don’t know about vines much at all?

  2. Sleeping Beauty ĂŒtles:

    I agree those 2 pics of you are the best . You wanted some action pics- Well, you got them now. lol

    About wines- That cheep wine tasted so much better than the expencive ones. It was just right – Not to strong and not to weak.

  3. Kathy ĂŒtles:

    I can see the 2-buck Chuck in the group of wines. Rodney Strong, I know that one, for Estancia I drink the Pinot Noir, never tried the Cabernet.

    I buy the 2-buck wine for cooking usually, but it’s pretty decent to drink.

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