Busy busy busy

Today my finger was feeling much better and I decided to pain our guest bedroom. . It was such a hard work. My hands are way to weak. i have no Idea where all the strenght has dissapeared. Weird. To make room more friendly and inviting, I am planning to buy new curtains, bedding, couple of decorative pillows, couple of contemporary but happy paintings and area rug.

On a happier note- I decidied to quit smoking. last night, as I was smoking outside, I suddenly felt really dizzy and sick and started having bad chest pains. I thought I’m having an heart attack. I ran inside and threw up pretty bad.
I had my last cigartet last night around 4 pm and that is it. I have not had one today and I have no urge to light one. Now I just need to keep myself busy and not think about smoking and cigs. I hope I can do it. I can quit this time for good. 🙂 Posted by Picasa


4 thoughts on “Busy busy busy

  1. lennuk ĂĽtleb:

    This green looks absolutely nice!
    Room looks great even without your new additions!
    Wow. That’s huge work. I did my bathroom, which is so small compared with your bedroom and I was so fricking tired…….. It is hard work, for sure….
    Ohterwise… I have just been soooo busy.

  2. Kathy ĂĽtleb:

    Room looks great. Now you need some guests, we’re coming tomorrow night to help you celebrate end of smoking 🙂

  3. Sleeping Beauty ĂĽtleb:

    lol Works for me. I have been celebrating it since this morning. I think I have eaten at least 1 lb of cheese today plus whole lot of other stuff. I also opened bottle of sparkling wine because I just had to open it. I guess I’ll be mixing this with ice cream , to make some Korbel floats…..

  4. Kathy ĂĽtleb:

    Cheese and Korbel– sounds perfect, and still probably better for you than smoking.

    The sad thing is that when you go to Memphis, cheese and wine won’t make you nearly as many new friends as hanging out on the smoking patio will.

    Korbel floats sound delicious. BTW that Estonian chocolate bar was yummy and Doug was jealous because I didn’t share 🙂

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