Grys Anatomy rocks. I am so into this show. I used to like Desparate Housewifes, but I changed my mind. I’m all about Greys Anatomy and Isaiah Washington(Preston Burke)- He looks like doctor acts like doctor- and if he was real doctor I would like to be his patient…..


2 thoughts on “:D

  1. lennuk ütles:

    I don’t watch much TV at all lately.
    I don’t have favorite TV dramas.
    I have my 2 favorite reality shows and that’s it.
    I have noticed that if I watch some TV, it is something silly. Like reality shows or some chick filcks…..

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    I’m done with REality shows. Only one I am looking forward to seeing is American Idol.
    But my fave shows are All CSI ones, Alias, Greys Anatomy, Law And Order SVU,Desperate Houswifes, Crossing Jordan .

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