December 28th, 1999 we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. This year we’ll celebrate our 7th anniversary. It is unbelivable how much we have changed during these years….


3 thoughts on “

  1. lennuk ütles:

    you look older on this one….

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    When I was 18-19 y/o, people often thought I was at least 26-27 y/o. At age 24-25 I was told I look like 19-20. And I think Now I finally look more like 27 y/o.

  3. lennuk ütles:

    Same here…. people used to think that I am just 22 years old.
    I am kind of dissapointed though – they don’t ask my ID any more all the times when I buy alcohol. They used to do every time!!!! Not any more! Dissapointed 😦

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