Nothing interesting to report. Yesterday was halloween and we all went out to Trick or Treating . This year Halloween was grazy. TOOOOO many kids ( we got around 500) . It really truly was grazy. From 6pm till 9pm it was nonstop rollacoaster with barbies, batmans and sceletons. Oh how could I forget all the sweet cute princesses and candy hungry ALMOST college kids. What is wrong with you 15 year olds. You all look like anorexia had hit you, and there you go yelling TRICK OR TREAT behind each door hoping to get some candy so you can let your friends know that you got one OZ more than they did. Stupid.

I’m just so sick of all this sugar sitting on my countertop and drawers and purse. I hate people who invented white chocolate covered Reeses peanut butter cups. I used to hate peanut butter taste, but after one bite of those evil treats I was changed person. i want more!!!!! I also hate people who mixed up recipe for Butterfingers. I really, really do. Oh those things are sooo good. They just make you longing for more. I take one tiny bite and before I know it, bag in front of me is empy, and I feel like crap because I just ate whole bag of sweet buttery , peanuty tasting $H!TT!!! Oh crap. I am moody! I really have to get my lazy ass off this chair and hit the gym. I pay membership every single month and I have not been in gym for at least 3 months. 😩 I just do not feel like going there. I do my cardio and mini weights at home… Ah whatever. I just love complaning , that is so me….
Take care. And if you really want some good candy , call me!!! I may ship some of it to you if you play nice…


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