Lets talk about favorites to lighten the mood…

I think that finally at age 27 I have found my real me. I know what I like, I know what I want and I know how to get it. lol But the sad truth is I am to lazy to pursue my dream. Well, lazy is not the right word to describe but close enough. What I really need right now is good location, about 200 000 dollars and people who will listen to my every word and never argue with me. I am not asking much, right?? lol Really, I really am ready to take my big step, I am ready to go and start something nobody has never done before. But, there is always that B U T!!!. And I do not like buts. So, I rather sit here home and wait until sky starts falling down and I get filty rich just biting my fingernails while watching Jerry Springer.
That is all I have to say. Good nigh.


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