I had a preminition……


Month ago I ordered Reginas Certified Birth certificates . I payed total 35 dollars( 5 dollars per copy and rest of it for ovrenight delivery) And finally , month after I placed my order my certificates arrived. I am pissed about that. TO make things worse, they arrived with wrong infrormation. WTF???? They got my name wrong. I do not have middle name. And I doubble checked the form before faxing it to them , to make sure everything is ok.

BEFORE I got her certificates today- I placed another order, bc, I was sure they had messed up something. And afer I faxed new forms over to Vitalrecords, doorbell rang– ding dong- overnight express at 1.55, one month later.. lol
I need these certificates NOW. I have not time to waste and wait. I have to apply for Reginas passport. I knew something had to go wrong to ruin my such a good lucky week!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “I had a preminition……

  1. Kathy ütles:

    You can go buy some pretty nice clothes now with that insurance money. Glad they finally got things worked out for you.

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    What are you trying to say Kathy, That all my other clothes are ugly ????????????lol

    WE have other plans with that money… Updates later…

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