The end of the world is close by…. I am wearing white.. Not sure what happened, but other day I went to Mervins. And there it was- hanging between black and gray jackets- White beautiful midlengt jacket. Price tag 50%off original price. I tryed it on and it fit and it looked good,and people walking by commented how nice I looked on this white jacket… I just had to have it… and then, I went home and found my sisters knitted scarf. Wrapped it around my short neck around my head and voilaa…. I look like something else……


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  1. Anonymous ütles:

    You look good in that!! I just checked Reginas page and it sounds like you all are doing well. We will be praying for clean scans! Hope the weather there is much better than here. Its a big 10 degrees today. BRRRRRR!! Take care. P.S. Madonna is cool, I like her to and wish I had her arms! Melissa and Garrett Starr

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