My day…

Today was totally MY day. lol It did not start out as MY day but it ended. Today I had guy in the house who had to prime my ceiling and walls. Last week i had constuction guys in my house because my ceiling had huge long cracks and some of my walls looked just stupid. So I just called to s&S construciton and they fixed it. SO today the was the day my walls got primed . AND tomorrow is another big day. My diningroom window has moisture seal block and moisture has sneaked in between 2 windows. TOmorrow my window will be replaced. UGH. Long day with people I do not know..

Well, anyway. I got 2 awsome packages from Estonia today. One from my Mom and one from my friend. My mom sent me 4 packs of my favorite coffee in whole wide world ( Presidentti Caffee) it is a Finnish coffee and it is my absolute favorite. That just made my day.

Then another package arrived. And when I opened it it just blew me away. The other day I was thinking emailing to my friend and telling her that I miss her teas. ( she picks and tries tealeaves, herbs, special berries etc, immune system boosters ). And when I opened the box , it had 3 different kinds of teas in ( OH I am in heaven), chocolate and cookies for kids( Estonian ones. My Christmas spirit is back. I am so fuckin’ happy today. Seriously. I can not stop smiling. I have not had sex for loooooooong time, and if people see me like this , they will definitely think I had some recently….. lol

Oh, something did go wrong today…. I forgot to apply sunscrean today. I am using some meds and creams to clear my acme and because of that I can not expose my skin to sun. Today I went out to pick Regina from school and I totally forgot. Now my face hurts and burns, and I only was on sun about 8-10 minutes. Hope my skin does not peel off tomorrow.


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