Now I know…

all of you , who have been reading my Life as it Is Blog, know our current situation.
Now I know why people always complain about covernment jobs/facilities etc. Fuck- LA passport services sucks, passport general info sucks, USPS sucks and workers there suck because systems they operate suck.
I Am sooo hireing a lawer if I do not get MY promised passport tomorrow morning. Does paying for overnight express delivery means that it reallly takes 4 overnights to deliver one fucking important document??? AND why isn’t her package in USPS system for tracking???? Someone needs some serious spanking!!!!!!!

Oh my dear Estonian people- wait another 10 hours before I can give you YES or NO. I feel embarrased that I got everybodys hopes up and I feel sad if we do not get to go to EST this year. I know my mom is very exited about us going. And I hate to make her sad. And Regina and Gabriel started crying when i told them that we may not go tomorrow. Kids are so aware what is going on in here. They hear me talking on the phone they see me crying and they know – OH NO, REGINAS PASSPORT IS Not IN LAGUNA NIGUEL YET! lol I hate , hate, hate, hate letting everyone down, and it is not even my fault. Oh, WTF. It is 10.10 pm and I have not had anything to eat today. I tryed to eat apple, but after 2 bites I just threw up( yeah, that is how “exited” I am about things not going the way they supposed to go.

Good Night, Good Morning and Happy holidays. I need hugs and lots of them.

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