There goes my diet- again…

I did so good for a week with my dieting. I avoided sweets, ate about 1500 cals per day… but today was different. VERY different. This morning I woke up very, very hungry- so I made myself some cressents with parmesan, olive and sun dryed tomato filling. For lunch I had 2 bowls full of broccoly and smoked cheese soup, and for dinner- I had healthy dinner. I had salad. And then , around 8 PM real fun started. I started having chocolate grawings. BIG ones, and not just for chocolate. I wanted something MORE than just plain chocolate.

I checked my pantry, refrigirator, drawers etc . . I found vanilla pudding( powder form), cinnamon, Vana tallinn( liqour) , semi sweet chocolate chips, swiss sweet chocolate, and half and half. I heated some cream, poured in chocolate chips, powdered chocolate, vanilla , cinnamon – heated it until everything was nice and melted, then I added some vanilla pudding, honey and Vana Tallinn. I turned down the heat, poured everything into mixer and mixed it until it all was nice and foamy. OH AND NOW I HAVE been eating it. IT is sooooo good. Rich, and creamy and sweet and bitter same time. I wanna stop but I can not. I feel addicted. I had about 2 cups allready and 2 more are waiting. I need help. Someone- please take my spoon away and lock me into dark room without food for a week…… I NEED HELP!!!!!


One thought on “There goes my diet- again…

  1. lennuk ütles:

    hehee, i will join in instead….
    do you know what i am lately addicted to? vana tallinn with heavy cream and ice!

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