In an hour I have to drive to LAX( los angeles airport) that is about 55 miles away. No big deal, my car has navigation system and I find it- even if I take wrong exit or miss right exit- I will find it.
Problem- my fever is back and i sneeze million times per hour. Also I got couple of little nosebleeds. Just wish me luck because my 2 whiny/tired/ sick kids will be with me on every step on the road.

Oh, i forgot to mention that I am going to LAX because my dh is coming home, so he could back his suitcase again to fly somewhere else. What a life….


2 thoughts on “HELP….

  1. lennuk ütles:

    Did you go already?
    I don’t know what time you will be around LAX area, but if I’m around I could guide you to the airport. I have been there a lot and I work close by….

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    🙂 We went there on sunday afternoon. I got your message this morning. I fell asleep last night around 10pm .

    I know airport pretty well, but I just hate airports. The germs, people rushing, late flights… etc.

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