I wish…

This weather that we had for couple of days, would last all year long. It is not to hot, not to cold- just right. perfect. 🙂
My dh is home now, kids are happy, I am happy and he is happy and all I hear is what a life, what a life what a life. blahblahblah. lol Yeah, i am PMSing and all the other things combined…

Anyway, yesterday , after we dropped kids to school we went to Barnes and Noble. he had coffe, I had my grande nonfat decaf latte with splenda… It was good.

Since sun was shining and weather was perfect, we headed to the beach. Laguna Beach was just beautiful yesterday. And we took some pictures and I discovered that something is wrong with my lense, there was some dust stuck inside somewhere and because of that my pictures had darks spots on them. So last night I read the manual and cleaned my camera….. But regardless
of that my dh got some good pictures of me and I got some good ones of him….


2 thoughts on “I wish…

  1. lennuk ĂĽtles:

    wow, what a life! 🙂 sun and beach and coffee….

  2. Sleeping Beauty ĂĽtles:

    lol, I’m loving it… I wish we had more moments like that. Today for instance I cleaned and did laundry and cleaned and did more laundry and went to gym.

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