Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10
That was fun!!lol Past sunday I had honor to attend my first ever superbowl party. Before I was invited I had no idea who was playing, but I did little research before heading out of house- at least I wanted to know who was playing and how they got there.
I have been in US for almost 8 years , and I never ever watched superbowl before, I have been never invited to superbowl party or ever ate superbowl food( it comes with party). But thanks to my dear friend Maire I finally had chance to see what the fuzzzzzz is all about. If you ask me- So , how was the game- I would tell you- what game? I was clued to my plate , and my beer. And when people cheered and screamed and yelled and laughed, I just raised my head and look confused.lol But it was fun anyway- partys are always fun.

Maires husband was guy of the day. HE prepeared all the food(almost, except foods the other people bought with them). He had marinated beef, chicken shrimp and grilled them, he had beans , onions, corn- you know, all the good stuff- and food really was awsome:) Thnks Maire and Steve one more time for doing this.:)


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