Money, money,money..

What is wrong with everybody?? Fundriser here , fundriser there… Reginas school has Jog-a- thons, Gabriels school has See’s candy fundriser, then couple of other families asked money…. do I look like a millioner to you guys. I shop at walmart and Kohls on sales rack… so there you go… nobody will get any money from me…. I am poor…. I spend all my extra money for photography and shutterfly…. and pictureframes. I need more pictureframes….. I do not have enough pictureframes….

I am just little bitter today because everything just pisses me off. People are loosing weight eating meat. People are loosing weight eating bread.,.. And there is me, who eats bread and chicken and I gain weight. ??? I have been monitoring my diet past few weeks. I wrote down how much I ate, what time I ate. Every time my daily intake exceded more than 1400-1500 cal , I gained weight. Every time I had pork, I gained weight. On each day I had 10 containers of yoplay fat free yogurt- I lost weight, On those days I had one head of cabbage I lost weight…. I am so sick of healthy food. Seriosly, I want to eat chicken without worring about feeling sick. I want to eat cheese and not get upset stomach. I want to live happily ever after without worring about money, health problems, cancer, and what other people think. I want world peace.


2 thoughts on “Money, money,money..

  1. lennuk ütles:

    money… i need money too. we just did taxes and… oh no – we owe a lot. and we don’t have this kind of money to give out right now….
    and i am not even starting with the food talk….

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    This year we were lucky. We did not have to pay very much for taxes..
    But I hate paying bills 50 -dollars here, 50 dollars there , 700 dollars for health insurance- oooooooooooohhhhhhhh. I really have to find job that pays. ( volunteering is fun but I really need to get my butt out of my house and make some money. ( I guess I have to start as grossery bagger in Ralphs…

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