The real housewives of Orange county.

Oh wow. Unbelivable. Real housewives??? WTFDTM?? And they are from OC?? WOW. I AM SO EXITED. Maybe I should drop my “poor” husband, go out and findmyself billioner boyfriend so I could get myself boob job, liposuction and full face job ( so I could better fit in///) Just kidding.
What comes next from OC. ?? There is Laguna Beach on MTV, OC, Real life Housewives, and somthing else. Only thing that is missing is – How low income people manage to survive in OC. Orange county is not only Newport Beach, Coto De Caza, or Laguna Beach. There are plenty of lover income citys here. HEre are lot of homeless people ( men, woman, kids) who have no jobs or food to eat before bedtime. But show about them will not get any good ratings , right. SO why spend some Good money on people who have no money??? Life. I do not get it.


2 thoughts on “The real housewives of Orange county.

  1. Kathy ütles:

    Maybe we need reality show for family of a kid with cancer. I guess that’s not the sort of thing people want to watch.

    I’ve been watching that new HBO show Big Love I’m almost embarassed to admit. Comes on right after Desperate Housewives, Sunday night’s my night now.

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    We do not have HBO because we have I hope this Big Love comes out on dvd after every season is over. I want to see it.

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