I need to get out of this house. Outside is most wonderful spring weather and all I do is sit inside. But I am to lazy, I am to tired, I am so sick , I am so busy. I have way to many excused not to go out. But the most accurate one is I am lazy and I have pink eye and my eyes are very sensitive to light right now.

Nick comes home next week. Wohoo. At least I get few “easyer day”, because I NEED THEm. I am so burned out.


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  1. Kathy ütles:

    Will Nick be there when you go to Memphis?

    I have a tendency to get conjunctivitis, probably once or twice a year. If I get flu I almost always get conjunctivitis also.

    It looks horrible but at least it’s not really painful. There’s drops for it too, they help with the discomfort.

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