I hate evenings.

Today started out really nice. We woke up 8.30 and had pancake breakfast, even Gabriel ate them.lol Then 3 of us played , cleaned garage and around 4 pm we went to Borders book store. Now it is 9 pm and my head is about to explode. I have horrible headache and my eyes are swollen red. I am starting to think that there are some spring allergies that make me feel like this . Seriously…. And then I had headed argument with Nick over the phone… same old, same old. I am sick and tired and he is working his ass off and does not understand why I am sick and tired if I do not have to work. He even dared to compare me with ” chinese” females whose husbands are away 6 months at a time and they manage to stay stress free. FUCk the other people. What the heck do I and other people have in common? We are human? That is about it. Cheesh.. what is with him. Find yourself some chinese chick who can cook , clean and stay happy 24/7 with 2 kids. I am not “that ” kind of girl.

Srry. I really needed to went. I am sure I regret tomorrow that I even mentioned it, but I really have to let some steam out….


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