Oh, what a fun weekend.

(Walnut and goat cheese terrine)

…but I am sooo glad it is over. Our busy weekend started early on Friday morning. I went to costco, ralpsh, vons, trader joes, to get all the items needed for nics party. I spent about 550 dollars for food. And then fun started. I started pounding, mixing, scaling, timing – all the dirty work had to be done before saturday. I cleaned, moved furniture…. It was busy day, but fun day because I HAD CHANCE TO COOK. On friday night Nick and I went out to wine testing. OMG. When we entered wines store we were feeling just fine, when we left 1,5 hours later we were DRUNK. 10 different australian wines- whewwwww.
Then around 10 pm on friday night I started baking his cake. I was done with it around midnight.

On saturday noon, Leila ( friend from LA area) came over to help me out with preparations . We diced, chopped, cleaned, decorated- we did every little thing that had to be done to make this party( nicks Birthday party) a great success.
Guest started arriving around 6pm. Thank you guys so much for taking time off from your busy chedules and making my DH feel so special on his birthday. He ( we) really did enjoy having you all over in our house eating, drinking, laughing etc. I would love to write more about his party, but I am really tired right now and have no idea how to put my thoughts into words.
Thank you 🙂

Leila, Jennifer, Jill and I

Nick and Jennifer

Jason, Lulu and Beth 🙂


One thought on “Oh, what a fun weekend.

  1. lennuk ĂĽtles:

    it was lots of fun and food was so goooooood! as usually…
    happy birthday!

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