How Ironic…

.. at first I thought I am doing something wrong because my laptop gets hit with one virus after another. And Now I know I am doing something wrong. I let my kids play with it. Today , after just month being clean, major something hit my laptop. ( after one of my sweethearts finished playing I turned on my computer and within 6 seconds everything was gone from it. Hardwares, softwares, links icons. … I do not get it. I have virus protection, spyware protection, everything is up do date, and my computer is still under attack. I give up. I do not know what to do next to protect my computer from being attacked. Bummer….


3 thoughts on “How Ironic…

  1. Anonymous ütles:

    Hi Diana,

    You might want to consider getting a Mac. They’re practically virus free. I’m getting my daughter a mac notebook for her upcoming college graduation – mainly in part to the very low virus risk.

    Jackie in Chicago 🙂

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    Thanks for the tip. I never thought about getting mac.

  3. Harry McLaughlin ütles:

    Hey Diana,
    If you have viruses coming back again time after time, it may be a boot-sector virus, or a virus in the restore files of Windows. In either case, anti-virus software can’t scan these areas, and the virus will keep coming back- even after a reformat that doesn’t fix the boot sector.

    Chances are your files can be recovered from your harddrive. I’d recommend restoring what you can, and reformatting your drive completely to destroy all viruses and starting over. I’d be happy to come down sometime and help you do that.

    When you’re set up again, I’d recommend using user accounts- one for you, one for your kids- that are limited and don’t have full access to the overall system. That way nothing your kids do can mess up the main system which will stay untouched.

    The Mac isn’t a bad idea either if you decide to get a new computer. I’d still recommend the seperate user account idea there too. Also I have Mac software and stuff as I use Macs for work.

    Take care!

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