I don’t know even from where to start. For about week now ( since febr 12th) I have had these weird dreams. They do not include my husband or my EX boyfriends. First of all, every time there is full moon out I loose my sleep, I have nightmares , I wake up sweating and I see things I should not be seeing. ( no , silly, I am not grazy, These weird visions, dreams have been with me since I can remember). This time things got really weird. This guy I am dreaming about is about 29 years old. I met him when I was 14 years old and we only spent like week together just hanging out( singing camp/festival). Well, first night I had a dream that we had a baby together and he hated me Jerry springer way, He even started a world war 3 because he hated me like I was murderer. Next night I dreamed about him wanting to marry me, Then we had another baby , then he came to USA to pick me up and take me back to Estonia. WTF??
I always have very vivid colorful dreams. And I do not dream a lot. But when I do dream everything seems so real and when I wake up , I have to pinch myself to make sure I am awake now.

Last Night dream was really weird. I was in top of a cliff waiting for him. I had this amazing view , and I saw him driving towards me with his Pink Cadillac( I don’t think he has Pink cadilac lol). He was wearing sute and I was super exited about just meeting him. But then , when he opened his car door , to step out… My alarm clock went off…. I am not sure why I am having these dreams. We never ever ever dated, and since I was 14 I have met him only twice.
I think I am just lonley….


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