Oh maaaaaan

Yeah, that is how I feel today. Today started out pretty good. I volunteer in my daughters classroom every friday. So as I was getting ready to go to her school suddenly something weird happened. I got horrible ringing in my ears, I could not hear anything for few seconds. I lost my balance and almost fell over. Very weird. After that I got very very weird headache . It is just in one part of my head- lover right side of my head( backside). It is still there and bothers me a lot. I allready took 2 prescription painkillers but nothing happened. Pressure and pain are still there and bother me a lot. 😦 I hate headaches. 😦

Problem no 2. My car has awsome navigation system. But beginning this week it started playing tricks on me. One moment it is on, then second moment screan goes blank and nothing for 20 minutes. It irks me. So I called Mercedes service department and they are going to take a look what is going on. And of course things only happen when I do not need them to happen.
Tomorrow I have to drive to LA area. Vennad Urbid( Brothers Urb) are giving a concert in Estonian house and I do not want to miss that concert. I love Urbs. So now I have been printing out mapquest and Yahoo maps to get some directions . I have been in Estonian house few times, but navigation system took me there, I did not have to think about how to get there. Now I do and I am freeking out. Seriosly. I also printed out some alternative directions incase there is somthing wrong on road …. Oh, I really am messed up…

Problem 3. I just waisted 7.50 in movie theater. Seriosly. I WASTED it. Scary Movie 4 was piece of crap. I hated it . I usually like stupid kind of humor , but this one was just gross and stupid and gross one more time. I almost walked out of theater, but since I WASTED my money I had to sit there and “ENJOY” it till the end. And the ending was stupido.!!!

OK. Thats it for today. Stay tuned for more PMS. OR send me sone Tampax….


3 thoughts on “Oh maaaaaan

  1. Kathy ütles:

    I got a new cell phone last week, Motorola RAZR.

    It has internet, and google maps, and I love it. No GPS though, I have Cingular, I think it’s Nextel that has GPS integrated into the phone.

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but the concert sounds fun. I have very close dear Polish friends and they go to concerts like that all the time.

    Your China trip too, I’m jealous. Maybe I can sneak along with you, I’ll be quiet and help you take care of the kids…

  2. Anonymous ütles:

    LOL Diana you crack me up. I know it’s not funny but in a way it is LOL

    I can’t drive without DETAILED directions either. I hope you make it there okay. I’ll be thinking of you!!

    I hope your head is feeling better. How’s the working out going? Do you think that would help you feel better?


  3. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    Kathy. I have Razor also. I USED to love it, but past few weeks it started playing weird tricks on me. I get my messages 2 days after someone left me a message then messages I delited are back in my mailbox as new etc. Maybe I have some kind of weird magnetic field surrounding me that causes things to brake down…

    I am exited about this concert also. I woud love to go to LA area more often, but since it is hard to find late night or overnight babysitters I have to choose carefully what I can do or what I can’t.

    And yes, China sounds very exiting. Cathy- I can wax you up and tell them on loggage control that you are carry on extra large human size candle…. But I can do it only if you stay really still and quiet for few hours 😉

    Jackie. I can not work out. I tryed walking and bike, but pressue in my head is just to much to take. I had to quit after 5 minutes. 😦

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