Yeah. :)

I got my car back today. IT has new and updated navigation system, FINALLY my house is on right side of the road. lol And it knows where my dermatologist is in San Clemente. lol

Right now I am watching AMerican Idol. THis show sucks big time this year. I would sue them if Chris looses. Other “amateur singers” just suck ( well, Elliot is ok also), but still they are horrible and boring. At least Kelly has good ” naive ” kind fo sense of humor and makes me laugh every time she opens her mouth…. but it is starting to get old…. I really am hard to please. My husband was right…. Talking about my husband. Since may 1st is huuuuge holiday in china , people take week off , so he decided he spends thousand bucks and comes home. I rather see this money on our bank account, but oh well, if he misses us that much, let him come home for a week….. 😉 We also can celebrate my birthday together( almost). My birthday is on May 8th, but he leaves on may 7th. SO I think WE have to do something exiting. We have gift sertificate to go to W hotels
( Thanks Sam), if we get a sitter and there is room vacant — maybe….

Then I am pissed because my made did not show up today. I clean my house every day, but I want someone to do deep cleaning once a month. UGH. I guess she forgot. Yeah…


3 thoughts on “Yeah. :)

  1. Anonymous ĂŒtles:

    Yeah…You’re my kind a girl. Only ones, who are good this year, are Chris and Elliot. Even though Elliot sings too “R&B” for my liking, but has an amazing hearing and voice so he’s forgiven. Chris’s “Have You ever loved a Woman” was soooooo gooooood! 🙂
    I am also very exited to see ALL the pic’s you take in China and hang up here.

  2. lennuk ĂŒtles:

    Yeah, China photos …. looking forward to it!

  3. Sleeping Beauty ĂŒtles:

    Yeah, china photos…. I need to get myself one more digital camera- something small, cheep and reliable..

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