This girl is happy today…

After yesterdays mishap, I thought , there it comes- from here it can only go downhilll…. but oh boy was I wrong. Things are looking up again. NO, you silly people, my hair did not grow 2 inches owernight nor I had extensions put on… BUT those of you who remember my car accident year ago , on may 23d, know that I had HELL of a time calling Liberty mutual, and Farmers to get my rental money reinbursed … Well, today it finally happened. 1454.95. I feel like it is my first payday ever. lol. I am soooo happy. Please people, keep sending those awsome checks. All I need is money. And yes, in my case, money buys happiness. Totally.. Good things come it threes… so

  1. I got my early Bday present
  2. I got My money back
  3. — number 3 is open for business…… 😉

I think that is it for today. I need to get some serious house cleaning done. Tomorrow will be busy day cooking for my DH’s Taiwanese business partners.

OH, I had to quit drinking wine. ( red/white) Past few months my body acme really started bothering me. And my dermatologist finally took his paper, pen and started asking questions about my drinking/eating habits. When we got to the part that I have glass of whine almost every evening with my meal- he stopped me right there and told me to quit drinking wine for a week or 2 . So now I have been wine free for 5 days and my back and chest are slowly clearing up. i think I am going to swich to vodka from now on. … shot today, 2 tomorrow and AA meetings in near future…. See ya’


4 thoughts on “This girl is happy today…

  1. Johnny Doe ütles:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a week now, and I find ur article interesting, your overall blog layout is good but could have been great, try downloading a different blogspot templates at the link. Cheers and happy blogging. 🙂

  2. lennuk ütles:

    no kus kukkus johnny doe siin targutama ja veel oma tühja blogiga …. irw

  3. Kathy ütles:

    I see you’ve made some new blog friends, have you thought of modifying your blog layout?

    And I’ve got some very inexpensive waterfront property to sell you, just go to thhp://VISITMYWEBSITE.COM so I can make a bunch of money with AdSense.

    And I like the idea of drinking Vodka, if you’ve got to give up wine, heaven knows you’ve got to drink something…

  4. Sleeping Beauty ütles:

    lol kathy.. Love my new friends. I was thinking I should drop my old ones…. I thought about new blog layout, but I want somebody else to do it for me.

    i’ll check it out….

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