You know what pissed me off today.. ? YOu don’t want to know? Well, it is your bad luck. I will tell you anyway…

I went and got my hair cut. I told hairdresser- DO NOT TOUCH MY BANGS. AND first thing she did, she grabbed her scissors and my bangs and woooosh- they are 2 inches shorter. I almost grabbed her scissors and wanted to cut off her fake stupid curly hair… Seriosly, I was fucin’ mad. I made clear for her in my ” perfect” legal Estonian Immigrant english that FUCKING BITCH, LEAVE MY BROWN FRONT ALONE……. Yeah, I blame it on immigrants, and think that she was on strike…. and lucky me!!!!! F*U*C*K. It took me 3 months to grow my hair out and it took her one second to ruin my good looks, ( well, I still look good, BUT, it’s her way good, not MY way good. Since she pissed me off, I bought myself new pair of shoes. Yes, she made me. Plus, shoes really fit right this time…. DANG.. on a good note— I got my early Bday present from my dh. Sony sybershot digi camera – it is really small and it feels really weird . Lol. I am used to my big Canon SLR camera that I love, and now I have this matchbox size camera … But I love it anyway. I wanted new camera so this is good. 🙂 ALl I need is to loose 10 more pounds, so I can fit into size 8 clothes. 🙂


5 thoughts on “WTF???

  1. lennuk ĂĽtleb:

    you are funny…
    i mean, not what happened isn’t funny. i just don’t like the hairdressers. i had such a bad luck for a year and now i’m stuck to one. it’s my 9th year with her.
    i like her cuts, but she doesn’t have any sence of time and she overbooks… i know already – on my hairdresser day, count couple of hours if i have just cut and 5 hours when i have highlights + cut.
    what is better? bad cut or waiting?

    congradulation on your new camera. another one! how do you like it? i like my littel one.
    though…i wish that i could have got Canon… these little ones.

    PS mind ajab nii naerma see invaliidi märk seal word verification’i kõrval 🙂

  2. Sleeping Beauty ĂĽtleb:

    yeah, another camera. Well, nick went out to buy himself HP printer/fax/scanner combo and came back with my new camera. I would have wanted Canon also, but he likes SMALL things and this camera was smallest one there. lol. I am not sure if I like it yet. I am used to my big camera that takes perfect pictures. But with this one I have to be somewhat still when I shoot, and focus is weird. I am sure I will get used to it afer I point and shoot few days.

    Ma ei pannud invallidi marki algul tahelegi. Aga jah, on taitsa sobivas kohas teine…

  3. Anonymous ĂĽtleb:

    Oh my god I cracked up laughing OUT LOUD at your haircut comments, Diana!!!! LOL Hey I can relate! I’ve had some really crappy ones, too!

    Hey can you ask Nick what’s his opinion of the HP laptops. I’m in the market for one.

    Jackie…………. from Chicago!

  4. Kathy ĂĽtleb:

    When we were in Memphis, hairdressers came to Target House one day.

    I didn’t do it, but Doug and Sean did and several other mothers and none of them were happy with their cut. Doug looked like one of the Beatles, kind of, and he’s got curly hair so I don’t even know how they did that.

    But look on the postive side– you won’t have to get your bangs cut again for a long time. And you got some new shoes out of the deal.

  5. Sleeping Beauty ĂĽtleb:

    What is wrong with beatles style. look at teens on these days. They all look like
    I once did The Target house thing also. I was almost happy with my cut and style.

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