So girls…

I had my annual ob/gyn checkup today. I do it every year and I look forward to it. I remember when we lived in New Jearsey, there was ob/gyn group called Woman Caring for WOman. I loved going there for chekcups. All doctors were really nice and they laughed with you, cryed with you… My last day there— I remember it… It was halloween, all doctors were dressed up, wearing costumes, my doctor was wearing Queen costume from snow white, she looked just like queen – beautiful but evil same time… oh, anyway… I miss them up there.

BUT I found really good doctor here. Her name is Mona and she is doing awsome job. And her memory is just incredible. I saw her last year ago and she asked some questions about our family and kids and my background .. I told her what was going on with Regina and with my mom and that my DH was working in China… SHE remembered everything. I was impressed..

About my health- she wants to do an ultrasound ( no I am not pregnant), but since my AF is veryirregular ( every 2-3 months) they just want to take a “closer ” look. I also have to get some Ovarian cancer screening done because of family history. Not happy about it, but better safe than sorry. And They took my blood for testing. OH, how could I forget the most important test -Pap test. Now I am hoping for negative results.. ( I had false positive about 3 years ago and I hated all the other test they did….. yuck).

SO all of you out there who avoid going to see your doctor once a year. It’s no big deal. Just do it. Take off your clothes, put on that funny looking robe and sit patiently until doctor enters and ask you to scoot forward…… JUST DO IT….


3 thoughts on “So girls…

  1. lennuk ütles:

    oh, i have had lots of visits to gyn. i have very often had bad paps, but about 6 years ago i got biggest scare of all.
    they needed to to ovarian cancer tests and it was very unpleasant for me.
    results weren’t good. i got LEEP done…
    everything is fine now… supposedly.

  2. Kathy ütles:

    What’s LEEP?

    Ovarian cancer is very scary. Hopefully everything is good now.

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