I just made one of the biggest mistakes of my life… I opened bottle of red whine that is just horrible. ( I should not be drinking red wine anyway, but I do not trust my doctor- I am planning to tell him that- glass of wine , keeps a doctor away….. Anyway, we are members of Wine club of California and every month we get 2 bottles of red wine delivered to our doorstep… Last month they sent us Caparone family winery wines. One that I opened is Cabernet Sauvignon. It is just WAAAYYY to strong and overpowering. I absolutely hate it. yuck. Yuck, yuck.

But, my latest good wine experience is thanks to Leila. For my birthday she gave me bottle of Rawsons Retreat Shiraz Cabarnet. This wine just tasted right. It was very smooth and calming (;) I LOVED IT. My new fave :):):)

Ok. Now I have to figure out what am I going to with rest of the Caparone bottle. Yuckkkk…


One thought on “HA…

  1. lennuk ütles:

    i, diana…
    great to hear that you loved the wine. i did not have recommndations and was afraid that it’s just so-so wine. good to know! from trader joe’s.
    how are you doing these days? any better sign of your skin? and your trip is close by…
    we will travel june 15th to boston. any recommendations, anybody? never been there…

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