1000 dollars poorerererer. Yup, thats me. I had to take my car back to dealership to get it fixed. Yesterday, after I dropped Regina off to school, I was on my way home when suddenly something weird happened- My car did not want to stop…. So warning signs, no weird guys yelling- YOUR BRAKES ARE OUT, YOUR BRAKES ARE OUT.. Luckily I was driving only 10 miles an hour and hand brake did the thing…. Brakes, and fuses( or whatever they call those things that light up those warning lights) , and rotary something costed me almost 1000 dollars. Yuck. Now at least I do not have to worry about brakes another year. ( yup, ever year almost same time, same problem).

And. I am not sure what the heck is going on with this CA weather. One day it is steaming hot and then suddenly it is cold and raining. So stupid . Global warming??? duh… Well, all that weird weather has invited some outdoor bugs indoors. I flushed 6 spiders today and got bitten by one. And they keep coming in. Small, big, black, brown… . spiders… I hate spiders and kids hate spiders… yuck…

AND I AM EXITED to tell you that one more week and I’ll be out of here… I hope China can handle me…


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  1. Melissa Starr ütles:

    Hey Girl! I just wanted you to know that I check up on you and Regina all the time. I don’t always leave a message. Have a wonderful trip to China. And really you look awesome you don’t need to loose any weight!!!! The mexican burgers look good I am going to try the recipe. Take care, Melissa Starr

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