Way to exited to do anything at all. lol Few days ago I found out that my camcorder has no manners . lol battery lasts only 10 minutes and images look kind of all off color pinkish. So today I went to Best BUY and got myself new awsome toy. I wanted to get camcorder with dvd in it, but after 20 minutes of touching and flipping and talking and other things I decided to get regular one. I got myself Canon Elura 100 digital camcorder. It is nice and small and beautiful 🙂 Maybe now I get China into my computer just the way I want it 😉



One thought on “:)

  1. lennuk ütles:


    (Remember what I said to you…. if you want to keep your blog updated then send your post to me and i will post!!!!)
    I will be your no 1 fan reading your China memories! I bet the others will love that too!
    (Let me know!!!!!!!!! If you wish to do so!)

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