Dear Friends…

As you know I will be spending 4 weeks in China. We will visit lots of different places and I will be really, really busy. I created blog just for my china trip. And since I heard that Blogger is blocked by Chinese something ( not sure who controlls that), then my friend will update for me. I will email her and she will copy and paste. BE patient!!! I’ll BE BACK….

and here is my new blog address that is empty right now.


4 thoughts on “Dear Friends…

  1. Kathy ütleb:

    Have a great trip, I’m still just so jealous…

  2. Sleeping Beauty ütleb:

    Don’t be. 😉 I am jelous whenever you do camping or take roadtrips to most beautiful places. 🙂

  3. lennuk ütleb:

    hi, diana! where are the updates?
    how are you?
    i have just been…. kind of lazy and slow….

  4. Sleeping Beauty ütleb:

    You just have to wait. Be patient with me . pleazzzeeee

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