When my car doors did not lock my dh suggested that I should call Mercedes road side assistance. I told him – Dude, you know, Trust me, they can not lock my door through satellite because my door has mechanical problem. He just kept blah blah blah blah blah ing and I told him BLAH BLAH BLAH – NOOOOOO.
AND let me tell you- I was right. Passinger side door had some serious health issues – but now it is fixed and is functioning fine. I might be a girl, but I know a little about cars. So stop messing with me.

Now on a different note. I THINK our governer Swarchenegger has been taking some ESL( english second language ) classes. I mean it. His english, pronaunciation is much better than year ago. Yeah, I do pay attention what he is talking about and how he is talking, his CALIFONIA is sounding more like CALIFORNIA now. lol WTG Arnold!!!! I knew that you’d be back 😉

OH, it will be Paradise from 7.40 AM till 2.07 pm –

Today was awsome. :)

(sari that I made

My friend ( from Estonia) celebrated her birthday today. Since she has “good relations” with India, her theme for party was India. So last night I sew myself sari , nothing fancy, simple , black sari ( or Saree). Seems like I did pretty good job since I got lots of good reviews about it. 🙂

Indian food Is awsome. first time I ever tasted indian food was in 1998 year february in London. I LOVED it and I still to. 🙂 Food at her party was very,very good. Music was Indian and we watched Indian/american movie The Guru( I think that was the name of it.) It was fun fun fun.

All of her friends vere dressed up in Indian style- very cool and different. :):):) happy Birthday Reet.

OH,oh, oh – one more thing- first time ever I had my eyebrows threaded.
It was so relaxing, and my eyebrows never looked better.

I hate my car- Sometimes—

So today, I was supposed to go to college- orientation. So I start my car, drive to schools parking lot, exit my car- trying to lock my doors, trying again and again and again. Nothing. I hear clicks, but door is not locking. I try to do it manually- not working. I try to push in those knobs inside the car- NOT GOING DOWN… Oh, I was pissed. I did not want to leave my car unloced in college parking lot, so I left and called Mercedes dealership to get my powerlocks fixed. Guess what- I got apointment for monday- but not for today. Oh, I was so pissed. What the heck is wrong with my car. It always does it when I need it the most.

I guess I am going to get a rental car for a weekend because I do not dare to park my car in some strange parking lots when doors are not locked.. i hope I get a good deal….lol

What a week

… do not get to exited. lol nothing special going on here. I finally started scrapbooking again and finished Reginas MAW trip album. Ugh, Scrapbooking is so expencive. I Love going scrapbooking stores and I HATE leaving store because I just NEED lots of the things they have in there. lol

THEN I enrolled gabriel in K+ probram in local YMCA. Now , starting from September I have free time from 7.40am-till 2.07 PM. HO ho ho and Merry chistmas, i am so exited about it. Not that I do not love my kids, but it is time for me to get some ME time ALONE …. Maybe now, I can finally clean my house and it stays clean longer than 10 minutes….
I think I mentioned that I start college again ( 2 online courses) Psychology and Excel.

And I am starting to take belly dancing classes 😉 Yeah, next time you go one of those Maroccon restaurants you may find me flashing my fat…… lol

What else?? OH, I went to see Snakes on a Plane. OMG that was heck of a good movie. I think I almost had a heart attack – FEW times . I am scared of snakes, and THIS movie just scared “kaka” out of me big time. lol Wery well played movie. Thumbs up!!!lol

OK .. then last week I took kids to swimming pool- I HATE public swimming pools for a reason- every time i jump into those I come out with huge blisters on my lips- this time they are extra large… And painful and UGLY…. kids are fine , I guess even reginas immune system is now stronger than mine because she is doing much better than me..

OK. Enough for today. I need to do some cardio because I really want to fit into my size 8 jeans again. 10 is not good enough!!!!

AND I almost forgot one very very important thing– Our Friend Steven Is in St Jude now getting his regular check up. ( He and My daughter Regina were diagnosed with same kind of tumor ) — ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Sending some good calming vibes to your way…


I guess you have noticed that I have kept low profile here. I have been just lazy and buzy also. I try to fix that. Those who know me, know that I can talk “trash ” all day long. lol I really can,. Eventhough I am VERY positive person, and I find something good in everything – I CAN BE very mean, honest and find bad in GOOD things. To I make any sense??? Maybe not. But oh well, Who cares- Right???

Today I Received 875 dollar bill from My dentist. I was beyond pissed. Since Regina does not have insurance I have to pay for her cleanings. And it is usually 75 dollars ( yes ONLY). SO today I received this bill and of course I called them and guess what- THEY WERE NOT IN OFFICE. OH , now I am even more pissed becaues I freekin’ want to know why they overcharged me?? Dumbasses. I absolutely hate, hate , hate WAITING till morning so I can call them again and streighten this typo. ( AND if they tell me that it is because she received BOTOX, I am going to scream ( lol, yeah, now even dental offices do Botox)..

THEN I went to costco because I needed some food. AND regina was with me. You have 3 guesses about what she wanted to buy from there—– —- —- CHOCOLATE bundt cake. It is one of her faves and she HAD to have it . So I got it. AND now I am tempted to finish it up. It smells heavenly and it looks so moist and delicious I can hardly control myself. mhm But I guess I have no choise. I HAVE to have a slice and then one more and one more- and then I will feel sick and throw up. ( I LOVE sweet stuff, but past few weeks sugars make me sick to my stomach. not sure why). Ok.

let the countown begin—20 more days before school starts.